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Computer & Network Security

Computer security and network security are major concerns for individuals and organizations, and the need to address them is growing every day. Every week it seems there are new viruses, worms and spyware infecting computer systems across the globe. Because of the rapid proliferation of the Internet, these malicious attacks are happening more frequently, and with greater damage. These threats can have very serious consequences for an organization: lost data, corrupted files and excessive downtime. Valuable company resources are diverted into reactive, emergency, fix-it-now-or-else scenarios, and the result is increased stress, loss of productivity and decreased profitability.

Other threats include internal and external hackers. These individuals or groups steal data, or cause disruptions in service ranging from mild to complete system paralysis.

Business owners and managers may find it difficult to know even where to begin. Because the entire field of security is complex, all too often small businesses and organizations delay implementing measures to protect their network from attacks and intruders. This can prove to be a costly mistake, as anyone who has suffered data loss, data corruption or system-wide disruptions or crashes can confirm. The short-term costs associated with such events and the long-term effect on employee productivity and morale, as well as customer trust and loyalty, can seriously affect your bottom line.