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Virtualization and Consolidation

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What is "Virtualization"?

Virtualization is the disconnection of your servers and data from physical hardware. Once upon a time, a single server required a single physical machine to run on, a 'host', and that one server is all that could run on that host. The downside to this methodology is that it is incredibly wasteful. On average, a server utilizes only about 15% of its hardware capacities on average, meaning that 85% of that servers available resources is unused. With virtualization, multiple servers can run independently on a single host, making much better use of resources, decreasing waste and unused overhead, and maximizing the hardware-to-function ROI.

Virtualization in today's business environment.

These days virtualization is common place, standardized and extremely affordable. So affordable in fact, that for businesses with 2 or more servers, Virtualization will often reduce the hardware cost by half or more, paying for itself and saving you money. Virtualization provides for the ability to reduce hardware and maintenance costs, improve operations, increase flexibility and cost-effectively impliment fault-tolerance and high-availability options for your mission-critical data and infrastructure.

Top Two Reasons to Virtualize:

- Reduced Administration Burden

With virtualization, the burden of administrating your servers is significantly reduced. You can reduce the administrator to server ratio from an average of 1:10 to 1:30 or more. This means that you can save time in your daily server admin tasks and be able to administer more servers by having virtualization deployed in your environment.

Here are some examples of how virtualization can reduce your administrative burden:
  • Remote and Centralized console allows quicker access to servers
  • You can quickly mount CD/DVDs using ISO files
  • You can create, provision or deploy servers with just a few mouse clicks
  • Quickly allocate additional CPU, RAM, HDD space or other resources on the fly
  • Quickly relocate virtual servers from one host to another... while they are up and running

- Reduced Infrastructure Cost

Virtualization can save you time, money and energy when deploying new servers, but think about it, what about the cost for those servers? Cooling, electricity, network ports, console video mouse & keyboard ports, and rackspace? By running servers virtually, all of these costs can be averted.

  • Increase hardware utilization by 50-70%
  • Decreased hardware and software capital costs by 40%
  • Decreased operating costs by 50-70%

Before replacing that outdated server, or server that crashed, contact us to find out how much money, time and energy you can save by virtualizing!